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Place Calls with 8x8

With Virtual Office for Slack, you can place calls to any phone number anywhere in the world, whether the number belongs to a desk phone, mobile device, or softphone!

To place an 8x8 call from Slack:

  1. Open your personal channel in Slack.

    Note: As slash commands using the integration are visible only to you, you can also use any channel in your workspace for 8x8 calls or meetings.

  1. In the message entry box of the channel, enter </8x8call>, followed by the phone number you wish to call, and send.
  2. A call is sent to your Virtual Office extension as a two-legged call. In the primary leg, answer the call (from your Virtual Office desktop or mobile app, or the desk phone associated with your extension). The call is then routed to the phone number entered.

Note: The in-channel confirmation that the call has been sent is only visible to you.


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