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Configure Default Meeting Settings

You can easily choose the default meeting settings that are used when you create a new Virtual Office meeting.

As an X Series or Virtual Office Editions User

If your organization is an X Series or Virtual Office Editions customer, all available settings are found under Settings in the More tab.

To set default meeting settings:

  1. Go to More > Settings > Meeting preferences.
  2. Open the Meetings drop-down to view default meeting settings.
  3. You can enable or disable:
    Entry/exit display notifications for all Display a notification to all users when a participant joins or leaves the meeting.
    Allow audio callback to external numbersAllow dialing out to external numbers from the meeting; if a participant from the host's phone system is currently in the meeting, invitees can request to be called at specific numbers to join meeting audio.
    Host required to start the meeting Require a host to join a meeting before participants can join.
    Start with all participants muted Mute participants by default; participants can un-mute themselves when needed.
    Participants can see each other Allow participants to see each other in the participant list.
    Group chatAllow participants to join group chat in addition to one-on-one private chats.
    Participants can invite others Allow participants to invite others to the meeting.

As a Virtual Office Classic User

If your organization is a Virtual Office Classic customer, some of your settings are only accessible from the classic interface (available based on your organization's settings). In addition to setting default advanced meeting settings, you can customize notifications for upcoming meetings by switching to the classic interface.

Note: Starting with version 6.0 of the Virtual Office desktop app, Classic Mode is no longer supported.

Note: As a user of version 5.9 or older of the Virtual Office desktop app, you can only access Classic Mode if your organization is a Virtual Office Classic customer. If your organization has requested to disable Classic Mode access (or is an X Series or Virtual Office Editions customer), Classic Mode is not available.


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