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View Caller Info Pop-Up

If your organization keeps track of customers and callers on a site or in an application, you can configure the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app to bring up additional information on the caller in your browser. Based on the phone number of an incoming call, the system extracts more information from a URL that you specify. For example, search for caller information on ServiceNow or Google, and view more context about the caller before you accept the call.

Let's say that the veterinary branch of the Acme Health organization uses an application to keep track of their customers, so that customer information is always on hand. By entering a URL appropriate to their application in the Virtual Office desktop app, anyone answering a call on behalf of the veterinary clinic can quickly view details on a caller, such as their last appointment, their pet's health history, and much more!

To set up caller info pop-ups:

  1. In the Settings tab, go to Caller info pop-up.
  2. Enter a web or application URL with a search query to search for a caller's number. In our example, we create a URL that searches for any information related to the phone number on
    1. Start the search string by entering a specific site or app base URL (in our case, <>).
    2. Append a search query appropriate to the base URL (for, we enter the query <#q=>).
    3. Finish the search string by appending the request for the phone number (<%%CallerNumber%%>).
  3. Once you enter your URL, you see options to:
  4. Your URL and selected number format are saved automatically; all incoming calls you receive are accompanied by a caller info pop-up in your browser based on your URL.

Note: If the caller ID is blocked by the caller, the URL is unable to pull up information based on a number, and no pop-up appears.


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