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Set up Voicemail-to-Email Notifications

Voicemail-to-email is a great way to save time and be more responsive to your voicemail on any device that receives your email. Extension users can get an instant email notification when someone leaves them a voicemail. The notification can include a live link to play or delete a voicemail, or to manage voicemail history. The user can also receive an audio file attachment to play or forward.
By default, voicemail-to-email will send an email notification with live links to play, delete, or manage your VM history, and with an audio attachment. You or your phone system administrator can also change your notification options if desired.

The Virtual Office desktop app allows you to set up email notifications for voicemails on your extension. By default, your phone system administrator sets up email notification preferences for your extension.

The following options are available for voicemail-to-email notifications:

Option Functionality
Disable Notification Disable the email notification option. You must log in to your extension to access the voicemail.
Attachment Only You receive an email notification with an audio attachment of the voicemail.
Notification Only You receive an email notification as soon as a voicemail is left on your extension.
Link & Attachment You receive an email with an attachment of the voicemail audio and a link to the voicemail management page, which allows access to all of your voicemail.
Link Only You receive an email with a link to the voicemail management page.
Attachment, Delete Original VM You receive an email with an attachment of the voicemail audio, but the voicemail is deleted from the voicemail management page.

You can browse and manage your voicemails remotely using the voicemail management page.
To set up voicemail notification options, read how to Set up Voicemail.

Access the Voicemail Management Page

The voicemail management page allows you to access and manage your voicemail remotely using the links in an email notification.You can mark messages as read and turn off the flashing red message indicator light on your desk phone. Be it a single extension, multiple extensions, ring groups, or call queues, you can track all of your voicemail from the voicemail management page.

Note: Supported on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is supported, but your voicemails will play on your default Windows player and will not play on the voicemail management page.

From the voicemail management page, you can:

The voicemail-to-email notification options that launch the voicemail management page are:

Manage Your Voicemail Remotely

To access the voicemail management page:

  1. Click any of the voicemail management links in an email notification.
  2. At the prompt, enter your Virtual Office login credentials.
    You are directed to the voicemail management page. You can play, delete, download, or forward voicemails for your extension from this page. You can also mark messages as read.
    If you have multiple extensions, select the extension you would like to manage from the extension drop-down menu.
  3. Next to the desired email, click an icon to perform an action.
    The following controls are available:

    Icon Functionality
    Listen to the message.
    Delete the message.
    Download the message.
    Mark the message as read, and turn off the message waiting indicator light on your desk phone.

Note: Once you delete a message, it is removed from your system and cannot be retrieved.

Note: You do not have to log in to the voicemail management page every time you want to check your messages; simply close the browser tab or window to stay logged in.


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