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Use Your Virtual Office Softphone

With your Virtual Office Softphone, you can:

To access your Virtual Office Softphone:

  1. Log in to your Virtual Office desktop app.
  2. Click the Phone tab.
  3. If necessary, click to open the dialpad.
    The softphone panel pops out.

Softphone-Only Mode

If your company uses both Virtual Office and a service with an existing contact directory, you can request the softphone-only mode of the Virtual Office desktop app from 8x8, Inc., and retain the call management capabilities of the application.
For details, refer to Use the Softphone-Only Mode.

Microphone and Ringer Volume

You can adjust your Virtual Office Softphone microphone and ringer volume. In the bottom-right corner of the window, click for the microphone, and click for the ringer. You can adjust the volume to the desired level.



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