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Use Message Spell Check

Virtual Office chat offers an automatic spell check mechanism when typing a chat message. If you misspell a word or enter a word that is not stored in the 8x8 dictionary, the word is underlined in red. You can ignore the red underline; others in the chat do not see it.

Note: Spell check is disabled by default in the new chat view. To enable spell check, you must clear the Enable Beta Conversation View check box under Settings > Messages.

To view the suggested spelling:

  1. Right-click the underlined word. A drop-down menu opens, showing a list of suggested words from the 8x8 dictionary.
  2. From the drop-down, click a suggested word to replace the underlined word you typed.
    Click Add to my dictionary to store the word to your personal dictionary. The words in your dictionary are not flagged by the 8x8 spell checker.

Note: Your personal dictionary is stored on your local PC or Mac, and is not shared with the Virtual Office desktop app. Thus, unrecognized words added to your personal dictionary using the Virtual Office desktop app are not added to your dictionary in the Virtual Office online app, and vice versa.

Disable Spell Check

To disable spell check for all chats:

  1. click from the bottom toolbar.
    Select Virtual Office >Settings from the Virtual Office desktop app menu.
  2. Go to Messages.
  3. Clear the Spell Checking: Enable spell checking check box.

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