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Park Calls

8x8 Call Parking allows you to put a call on hold and pick it up from another extension on your 8x8 VoIP phone system. The Call Parking feature is included free with your 8x8 Virtual Office phone system. On parking a call, the Virtual Office system automatically assigns a parking extension number to the call and announces the number to you. You can then dial this number to retrieve and resume the call from any telephone set, or communicate the number to another extension user. You can park a call if you are in a conversation at your desk, and would like to continue the call from a different location or on the go.

The Call Park feature is also useful for reducing the hold time that callers experience. For example, you are currently on the phone with a caller who needs assistance. But everyone is busy on calls or helping other customers. You don’t want to send the caller to somebody’s voicemail. You don’t want to transfer them from extension to extension either. So you park the call in its very own automatically-numbered parking space. Then, while the caller listens to the hold music, you can intercom, instant message or tell your co-workers that there’s a call waiting. The next available employee dials the number of the parked call and promptly assists the caller.

To park a call:

  1. During an active call, click to park the call.
  2. As an extension user, you hear an announcement of the assigned parking number. The call is disconnected from your extension. The caller hears hold music while the call is parked.
  3. Dial the assigned park number from any other extension phone to retrieve the parked call.

    Note: Call Parking is valid within a single 8x8 VoIP phone system (PBX), but it can be used between multiple extension users.


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