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View Multiple Chats

The Virtual Office desktop app consolidates multiple IM conversations into a single window, saving screen space.
In the Virtual Office Messages window, you are notified of incoming chats by the appearance of a new tab.

Note: The Enable Beta Conversation View check box is selected by default, making the tabbed chat option invisible. To access this option, clear the Enable Beta Conversation View check box under Settings > Messages.

By default, message tabs list the contacts who you have chatted with most recently. You can hover over a tab and click to remove the tab from your window. If the conversation includes older messages, you can scroll up through the conversation to load older messages.

To control the appearance of the Messages window for multiple chats:

  1. Click from the bottom toolbar.
    Select Virtual Office >Settings from the Virtual Office desktop app menu.
  2. Go to Messages.
  3. Select the Chat Window: Create new chats in tabs check box to create new chats in tabs on receiving a chat message.


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