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Initiate Video in Meetings

In addition to providing web and audio sessions, 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings supports high-definition video meetings. Video allows a maximum of 8 concurrent streams, plus self-view.

Note: HD video is available based on your subscription.

To start video:

  1. Your computer must be equipped with a web camera.
  2. Join a Virtual Office meeting.
  3. Click in the meeting controls to open a drop-down menu.
  4. From the drop-down, select Audio Video Settings, and select your desired camera and video settings.

    Note: Guests who join online do not have access to this setting.

  5. Click in the meeting controls to turn on your video.
  6. You may resize or maximize the Meeting Video window, just as with any application window.

To stop video:

Click in the meeting controls to turn off your video.
Close the video window.


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