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Share Content

Virtual Office Meetings allows you to collaborate with your meeting participants by sharing content (such as a web page or a slide show) from your desktop, or using the Whiteboard to brainstorm your ideas. The collaborative nature of Virtual Office Meetings leaves content sharing open to all participants, not just the host.

Meeting hosts can stop other participants from sharing content, and can record shared content for future reference.

When you select in the meeting controls, a window appears, allowing you to share your entire desktop, an application, or a virtual whiteboard. During content sharing, all your on-screen actions in the shared area are captured and transmitted live to other meeting participants.

To start sharing content:

  1. Click in the meeting controls.
  2. The Share Screen window appears, listing the windows open on your desktop.

  3. You may now choose to share your desktop, an application window, or a whiteboard. Make your selection and click Share.
    If you choose to share your desktop, your entire screen is shared. However, if you choose to share an application window, only that window (indicated by a red frame around it on your screen) is visible to other meeting participants.

Note: If another participant is currently sharing content, a warning displays at the top of the Share Screen window, indicating that if you begin content sharing, any prior content sharing will end.


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