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Review Past Meetings

Let's say you want to refresh your memory on the events of a Virtual Office meeting that you participated in, or want to catch up on the details of a meeting you were unable to join. All records contain a timeline of events in the meeting, showing when various participants entered and left the meeting. Depending on the content of the meeting and whether you were hosting, records can include chat logs and recordings. The Virtual Office desktop app has 1 GB of storage allotted for call and meeting recordings.

You can access past meeting information from the list of past meetings, or from the meeting calendar.

Note: By default, you have 1 GB of free storage (up to approximately 35 hours of audio) for audio and shared content recording. For your convenience, your storage capacity is automatically upgraded in 1 GB increments if you go over your default limit. If you have access to Classic Mode, you can track your current storage capacity.

To review via Past Meetings:

  1. From the navigation menu, open the Meetings tab.
  2. Select Past Meetings. The Past Meeting window pops up with the list of meetings.
  3. Click next to a meeting in the list to view its information. The meeting information shows a timeline of participants' actions, chat logs, a list of recordings, and a Participant List button.
  4. Scroll through the meeting timeline to review participants' actions, or click the timeline to expand it.
  5. Click the desired message log to review it.
  1. While reviewing a meeting recording, depending on whether your recording is audio-only or contains content sharing, you have access to different controls.

To review via the Meetings calendar:

You must log in to the Virtual Office desktop app to access meeting timelines, chats, and recordings.

  1. From the navigation menu, open the Meetings tab.
  2. Click a highlighted date on the calendar. Only days with meetings are highlighted.
  3. In the drop-down for the selected day, select a meeting to review.
  4. The Meeting Information window pops up with meeting details.


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