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Use the Meeting Controls

The meeting controls can be found at the top of the meeting window. Most controls are the same for all meeting participants, but hosts have access to additional controls via meeting host rights.

You have access to the following controls:

Icon Functionality
Mute or unmute your microphone.
Turn on or turn off your camera. For details, refer to Initiate Video Meetings.
Share an application window or your entire screen with other participants, or stop sharing content. For details, refer to Share Content.
The following options are available:
  • Connect/Disconnect Audio: Connect or disconnect your meeting audio. For details, refer to Join Meeting Audio.
  • Audio Video Settings: Edit your speaker, microphone, and video settings.
  • Turn off/on notifications: Allow or prevent yourself from hearing notifications during the meeting.
  • Start/Stop Recording: This host-only control allows hosts to record the audio and shared content of a meeting. For details, refer to Record Meetings.
  • Help: Open the online help for Virtual Office Meetings.
  • Feedback: Send meeting feedback to 8x8.
  • Leave Meeting: Leave the meeting. For details, refer to Leave or End Meetings.

Note: If you join a meeting online, you are unable to invite participants from within the meeting or share your own on-screen content.


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