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Join Meetings

The flexibility of Virtual Office allows you to join a meeting either from within your Virtual Office client, or from an email invitation, giving you better access to the meetings you participate in.

In addition, you can choose to join a meeting with:

Join Meetings as an External Guest

If you are not an 8x8 extension user, you may still participate in a Virtual Office meeting as a guest user by opening a web app without needing to download the app.

To join a meeting via Virtual Office Meetings Online:

  1. Open your email invitation to the desired Virtual Office meeting.
  2. In your invitation, click Join meeting to open a browser page.
  3. If a browser prompt pops up, decline it. In the page, click Join from your browser to launch a Virtual Office Meetings Online page in your browser.
  4. In the page that opens, include your full name with the Meeting ID that appears, and click Join meeting to launch the meeting.
  5. When prompted, join meeting audio.

Join Meeting Audio

Upon joining audio, you receive an optional audio prompt to record your name. If you choose not to state your name, you are still able to participate in the meeting. In the Participants tab of the meeting window, the loudest active speaker is labeled as Speaking, and the microphone icon next to the participant's name flashes.


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