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Configure Advanced Meeting Settings

While scheduling a Virtual Office meeting, you can enter advanced settings to further customize your meeting.
You can set preferences such as set up a time zone, select a dial-in phone number, mute participants, and more.

Option Functionality
Maximum Participants Depending on your Virtual Office service package, the maximum number of participants you are able to host could be different. This number cannot be changed.
For details, refer to Know the Participant Capacity.
Time Zone You can change the time zone of a meeting to reflect the location of yourself or your meeting participants. If you want to change the time zone of all future meetings, you can change your extension's main time zone instead.
Dial In Allows you to view the dial-in phone numbers available for participants not joining via Virtual Office. These numbers vary by your purchased plan.
For details, refer to Join Meeting Audio by Phone.
Allow calls to external numbers Allows dialing out to external numbers; this does not affect dial-in numbers. Invitees can request to be called at specific numbers to join meeting audio.

Note: You can only have the meeting call you if a participant from the host's phone system is currently in the meeting.

Note: Billing for calls under external numbers varies according to your purchased plan.

Host required to start the meeting Prevents non-host participants from joining a meeting before a host is present.
Start with all participants muted Mutes all non-host participants by default, though hosts can unmute participants once the meeting begins.
Participants can see each other Allows non-host participants to see the participant list. If this option is disabled, only hosts can see the full participant list; non-hosts can only see themselves and a list of meeting hosts.
Group Chat Allows non-host participants to form group chats. If this option is disabled, participants can only chat one-on-one during the Virtual Office meeting, and only hosts can form group chats.
Participants can invite others Allows non-host participants to invite new participants. If this option is disabled, only hosts can invite new participants.
Entry/Exit audio announcements Allows an audio announcement to play upon a person joining or leaving the meeting.
Entry/Exit display Notifications for all Allows non-host participants to receive display notifications upon a person joining or leaving the meeting. If this option is disabled, only hosts can see these notifications.


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