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View Contact Cards

Contact cards give additional information about your contacts. You can view a contact card by hovering over the contact.

To view contact details:

  1. In the Virtual Office desktop app, hover over the desired contact in the Contacts list.
  2. The contact card pops up, showing details such as contact's full name, associated tags, phone number, email address, and postal address (applicable for personal contacts).

    Note: You cannot edit contacts from your 8x8 phone system.

    From the contact card, you have access to the following options:
    Click to mark a contact as a favorite. The contact is grouped under the Favorites tab, available for quick access.
    Click to edit a personal contact. You cannot edit a company contact.
    Click to delete a contact. You can only delete personal contacts.
    Click to view contact history. Contact history is only available for users who have the version of Virtual Office with the History tab in place of the Messages tab.
    Click to add a company contact to your personal contacts.

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