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What's New in Virtual Office Analytics 2.0.3?

In this release, we have introduced an enhanced version of scheduled reports which will allow you to schedule Extension Summary and Call Detail Records (CDRCall Detail Record includes call details such as point of origin,end point, call direction, call duration, and more.) reports. The new enhanced scheduled report offers you the flexibility to:

To access the new scheduled reports, click the header menu next to your name. From the drop-down list, select Schedule Report Emails (New).


NOTE: The new scheduled report does not support scheduling Company Summary reports.


The new Schedule Report supports Extension Summary reports and Call Detail Records reports. In this release, we do not support the company summary report.


Use cases

Here are some use cases that demonstrate the improved usability of the new scheduled reports.

Use case 1

Bob, a site supervisor for Acme Lumber’s Denver office, needs to include call data from VOA Extension Summary report in his weekly status report each Friday. Instead of logging in to VOA each week, Bob schedules a Scheduled Email that will generate a weekly Extension Summary report, each week beginning this Friday, for the previous 7 days, using US/Mountain time zone (his corporate office is on CA, so his PBX’s Analytics default time zone is set to US/Pacific), and sets a filter that limits the data for that report to ‘Site = Denver’. Each Friday Bob will receive the report he needs, already limited to the data he cares about, presented in the proper timezone.

Use case 2

Susan, the VP of Acme’s Support department, is located along with her team in NY, and on weekday mornings she needs to see Call Detail Records for all inbound calls from the day before, so that she can work with her team to optimize coverage. Susan schedules daily Call Detail Records reports, scheduled for M-F, and uses filters for ‘Department = Sales’ and ‘Direction = Inbound’, using the US/Eastern time zone. Each weekday morning she will have the details she needs in her Inbox.

Use case 3

Fred, the Sales team admin at Acme, needs to provide weekly updates to the senior Sales executives regarding call activity for his Inside Sales and Outside Sales departments, but only needs to share Inbound Call rankings by Extension and by Department, and doesn’t want to have to download the detail and prepare an easily-consumed custom report for them each week. Instead Fred schedules an Extension Summary report, using the PDF-only option, applying 2 department filters (Inside Sales and Outside Sales), and including the sales team’ group email address on the To: field. Each week the sales executives will receive a PDF report that includes Top Inbound Calls by Extension, Department and Site for his team, and it will be attached to the email and will not require any VOA authentication.

End of Life Announcement

The legacy call detail record report will be deprecated in the near future. It will be replaced with the Beta Call Details report.

What's New in Virtual Office Analytics 2.0.2?

In this release we have introduced the following features, along with key usability and performance enhancements:

Enhancements in Call Detail Records Report (Beta Call Details)

You now have the ability to access all of your CDR data in one report! We have removed the 20k record limit on screen and in downloaded reports. You can now search and access the entire set of call detail records without any upper limit, and filters are applied to the entire results set.

Timezone Based Reporting

In the new Call Details Report (currently being released as Beta Call Details) you now have the ability to select a custom timezone for your report.

Improved Performance

We have also introduced improvements in the ease of use and performance. No matter how big your CDR report is, we will present it to you at warp speed.

Improved Usability

We made frequently used options/features easier to find to make your experience more intuitive and faster.

  1. Date filter: The date filter has improved and is now located on the desktop. By default you can view today’s data. It’s quicker and easier to set the desired date range.
  2. Time Zone and Simplified CDR: Access the time zone and Simplified CDR options with a simple click.
  3. Add Columns: Now it’s easier than ever to add additional data to your report. Simply click and select the columns you want to include on screen and in the downloaded report.
  4. Download button: Download the CDR report by clicking . The download button is now always available at the top right corner of the page.
  5. Refresh search is now embedded in the search. Simply click the search button to refresh.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

What has Changed?

Default Data Columns: In the CDR report, you cannot delete any of the default data columns from the display, but you can add more fields to the display. Simply click and select all columns or desired columns to view and click Search.

Improved presentation of call details: Simply select any call in your CDR report and click the call ID. The call details show in a dedicated panel that pops to the right.

What's New in the Virtual Office Analytics Release 2.0.1?

Enhanced Computation of Wait Time of Queued Calls

In the Queue Call Data dashboard, the wait time in the queue now offers data for abandoned calls in addition to the calls that were answered by an agent. If callers abandoned calls while waiting in a queue, but before being answered, you can now view how long they waited. This helps in understanding the wait time in queues and thereby allows making decisions on staffing.


Calls directed to a queue do not display wait time when:

These calls are not placed in the queued state.

Introducing the Percentage of External Answered Calls

In the Extensions Summary report, you can now access the percentage of answered external inbound and outbound calls handled by extension users.

This data is available in scheduled reports and downloaded reports as well.

Usability Enhancements

We have introduced a few usability improvements in the application.

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