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Agent Group Queue Service Dashboard

Using data from this dashboard, you can ensure the correct allocation of resources in your contact center. Track if you have allocated agents based on skills. If you have agent groups serving multiple queues, you can access data on the number of interactions, and the time spent in handling interactions for each queue. You may want to identify the primary queue for each agent group and ensure that they are spending enough time on their primary queues.

The data in this dashboard focuses on challenging questions in all contact center operations: What work did the agent teams do? Were they working on their primary tasks? Otherwise, did they get pulled into handling non-primary work? Roughly when did this happen?

For example, The primary responsibility of my Sales teams is to take interactions from the Sales queues. They are my most expensive employees, and I do not want them taking Billing calls. However, if we are getting swamped with a spike in Billing, the Sales team can handle a few calls.


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