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Possible Fix

I am unable to receive any calls

  • Check your agent status. You must be in Ready state to receive calls.


  • If your Virtual Office extension is using softphone, you must log in to one of the following soft clients:
    • Virtual Office Online
    • Virtual Office Desktop
    • Virtual Office Mobile

The Screen pop does not work

Check if your settings for show contact is turned on. For details, check out details on Screen Pop.

I opted for my screen pop to occur in a separate tab, but the screen pop occurs in a new window everytime.

This issue is typically noted for Firefox 39 users.

  • If you have selected the option Open new windows in a new tab in Firefox, then your screen pop preferences will work as set.
  • If the check box for Open new windows in a new tab is unselected then our controls will not work and pops will always open in a new window. Please check this option and see if the issue resolves.
I am using Salesforce Console. I do not see the Salesforce objects I navigated to in my call log pop-up window.

Make sure the VOAPI server domain is added into the white listed domains for any Salesforce Console App that will be used with the plugin. By default Salesforce Consoles do not allow cross domain calls. Taking this step allows the Console to update the 8x8 plugin on a users Salesforce browsing.

  1. Go to Setup > Create > Apps.
  2. Select to edit your Salesforce Console from the list.
  3. In the Whitelist Domains section add the VOAPI server domain—
  4. Save the changes.

When I switch to a case view, the 8x8 Virtual Office app stops showing.

In Salesforce, a case page layout which controls the case view, disables the left sidebar by default. This in turn impacts the Virtual Office app. To fix the issue, you must edit the case page layout as follows.

  1. Go to Set up.
  2. Navigate to Customize > Cases > Page Layouts.
  3. From the list select to edit a desired page layout.
  4. Switch to Feed View by clicking on the link on the top right hand corner.
  5. Scroll down to Other Tools and Components section and clear the setting for Hide Sidebar.
  6. Save changes to the page layout.
    This should resolve the issue with the app.
  7. To validate, go back to a case view. The 8x8 Virtual Office app now shows up on the left side bar.


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