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What's New in Release 2.2?

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What's New in Virtual Office for Salesforce Communication Panel Release 2.0?

Important: For version 2.0, we have made changes to the Call Center XML in Salesforce. Please check the installation instructions below.

We have introduced some major enhancements in this release that are targeted to improve the efficiency of sales teams. Sales representatives, handling high call volume and managing interactions in Salesforce will find these improvements useful. We recommend that you train employees on the use of the new integration.

How to Migrate to the Updated App?

Staged Migration by Adding the New App

Use this method to migrate your team to the updated app (2.0) in small batches. This may help prevent any possible slow-down in productivity. This allows you to use both call centers (1.8 and 2.0) at the same time.

Note: This section assumes that you have previously installed Virtual Office for Salesforce Communication Panel for Salesforce1.8.

Adding the new app involves:

Step 1: Install the New Salesforce Call Center XML File

  1. Download and save the linked XML document to your hard drive in a location you can find it. Click this link to download the XML file.
  2. While logged in as an administrator in Salesforce, click Setup.
  3. Enter <call centers> in the Quick Find/ Search box. From the resulting list, click Call Centers.
  4. In All Call Centers page, click Import.
  5. Click Choose File, navigate to the location of the saved XML file, select it, and click Open.
  6. Click Import.

Step 2: Configure the application

Depending on your integration requirements, you may want to match the configuration settings for the existing version of the app. You may choose to set up Single Sign-On, map the 8x8 call log data to specific Salesforce fields, and more.

Step 3: Add Users

In this step, identify and set up Salesforce users who need to use the new integration. If users are using the current 8x8 Salesforce integration, you will need to remove their Salesforce usernames from the current 8x8 call center before adding them to the newly added call center.

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Call Centers.
  2. Select to open the 8x8 Virtual Office Integration - Next Generation Lightning.
  3. Click Manage Call Center Users.
  4. Click Find to list all users or add filters to search for specific users.
  5. From the list of users, select the desired users and click Add to Call Center.

Once all new users are in this Call Center the previous Call Center can be deleted.This completes the installation of the new 8x8 Salesforce integration.


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