Plan Your Migration

The new 2.1 version of the Virtual Office for Salesforce Communication Panel represents the biggest change so far for sales users, allowing them to communicate with prospects and customers more effectively and efficiently, while keeping Salesforce up-to-date.

The Virtual Office for Salesforce Communication Panel 2.2 has introduced a new user interface along with a number of improvements in call handling and call logging. See the What’s New section for information on the new features and capabilities. Keeping these changes in mind, we recommend planning your migration. To prevent any slow down, we recommend training your sales representatives on how to use the updated app before migrating them. You can plan to migrate the sales representatives in small batches allowing you to run two vesions of call centers at the same time, or migrate them all at once.

For details on how to migrate to the updated app, click here.

End of Life: We will continue to support 1.8 version until Q1 2017. This gives you ample time to train and migrate to the updated 2.0 version.

For videos related to training please visit: