Install 8x8 Virtual Office Application

Important: For administrators only.

Installing 8x8 Virtual Office application is a one-time task for the administrator. Once installed, the app is available to all agents.

  1. Log in to your administrator account.
  1. Navigate to market.
  1. Select 8x8 Virtual Office app.
  1. Click Install.
  1. Once the app is installed, 8x8 app icon appears in the header bar.
  1. Click the app icon to bring up the Virtual office.

Log in to 8x8 Virtual Office

  1. Log in to your account.

  1. On the top right hand corner of the Home screen, click the 8x8 app icon. The application launches.

  1. At the prompt, enter extension user Id and password to login in to the app.

    You are now logged into the app in Ready status.

    Important: Your status does not impact call activity on the Virtual Office extension.

Know the Interface

The Virtual Office application interface consists of a navigation menu at the footer bar with the following menu items:

The dial pad interface provides status keys to set your status to receive calls or suspend call activity when working in

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