Create Portlet

As a user, you must add a portlet to initiate the 8x8 Virtual Office App for NetSuite.

To create a portlet for Virtual Office app:

  1. Log in to and navigate to Home > Dashboard.
  2. On the dashboard, click Personalize link.
  3. From the Personalize Dashboard options, click on a Custom Portlet.
    An empty portlet gets created.
  4. Click the set up link in the portlet box to link it to an existing app.
  5. Select 8x8 Virtual Office App from the list of available sources and save.
  6. The 8x8 Virtual Contact Center portlet is now displayed on the dashboard. Drag and drop it to the desired location on the dashboard.
  7. To launch the Virtual Office app, click the link inside the portlet.

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