Add Call and Merge Calls

With multiple line calling, the app allows you to add a call, switch between calls, and conference multiple calls.

Note: The ability to make additional calls depends on how your Virtual Office extension is set up.

  1. To conference a 3rd party to an on-going conversation, click in the call control panel.
  2. Enter the number to call and click Add Call. Accept the first leg of the outbound call to dial out.

Note: You can converse with the 3rd party before merging the calls in to a 3 way-conference.

  1. When the second call is established, merge the calls by clicking from the call control panel of the last call added.
  2. At the prompt, select which call to merge if you have more then 1 additional call added.
  3. Select the desired line to merge and click Merge Calls to join.

  4. Upon merging 2 calls, the first call will end since it is now merged with the 2nd call in a conference.
  5. The call control panel now shows Party Added on Line 2 when the calls are merged.