Handle emails in the 8x8 integration for Microsoft Dynamics

Note: Email in external CRM for Microsoft Dynamics is only available on request. To have this feature enabled, contact 8x8 Support.

Note: Email routing is only supported via 8x8 Contact Center app version 2.0.

Emails are handled from the same 8x8 Contact Center app panel as phone calls and chats. To receive or place emails using the 8x8 Contact Center app, you must:

  • Be a member of the email queue to which the email is routed.
  • Set your status to Available in the 8x8 Contact Center app.

What happens when I am offered an email?

When you are logged in to the 8x8 Contact Center integration app with the status set to Available, and an email is offered, a notification pops on the screen, prompting you to accept or reject the incoming email. The notification lists the name of the customer, the email subject, the queue it came from, and the time spent waiting in the queue.

What is a typical email flow?

8x8 Contact Center directs emails to agents via an email queue. When an email is offered to an available agent, a notification displays prompting the agent to accept or reject the interaction. The agent can accept, or if permitted by administrators, reject the request. On accepting, the agent's status changes to Busy. On rejecting the email, the agent's status changes to Working Offline.

Note: To receive interactions, set your status to Available.

What is the screen pop behavior for email interactions?

When an email interaction is offered, the 8x8 Contact Center integration app looks up the email address of the incoming interaction and then searches the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a matching record. The number of matched records is listed in the customer’s avatar in the 8x8 Contact Center app panel. Clicking the avatar opens the list of customer record matches. The list is empty if no matches are found.

Depending on the situation, the CRM search could return:

  • No matching records: The search yields no matching customer record. The CRM screen pops a Case, and a New Contact record in new browser tabs for you to fill in with relevant information.

    Note: Agents must create the new contact before wrapping up the email to ensure the case is linked to the new contact record and not a ghost record.

  • A single matching record: The search yields a single matching record. The CRM screen pops a Case record, and the customer record in new browser tabs. The inbound email message is included in the Case record in Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Multiple matching records: The search yields multiple matching customer records and only the Case record pops in a new browser tab. In this case, you must click the avatar and manually select the customer record to link the new case to. After selecting the correct customer record, click to return to the email in the 8x8 Contact Center app panel.

Forward emails

Note: The option to forward emails is used to forward an email interaction to an external email address.

Let’s say you receive an email from a customer seeking information on a missing package. As lost-package inquiries are handled by the claims department, which is external, you can easily forward the email to the claims department so they can provide a solution to the customer. The forwarded email includes the original message received from the customer.

Note: Forwarded emails remain linked to the customer database in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, not to the address the email is forwarded to.

Transfer emails

The Transfer option allows agents to transfer an email interaction to another queue.

Let’s say as a sales agent, you receive an email from a customer who requires help from Customer Support. You can easily transfer the email to the support queue so they can assist the customer.

Note: Emails can only be transferred to a single queue.

End an interaction

Let’s say you receive an email interaction from a customer that does not require follow-up, such as the customer informing you about their invoice payment. If no follow-up is required, you can simply end the interaction from the 8x8 Contact Center app.

Send new emails

Let’s say you have to send a new email to the Sales department regarding a warranty claim. You can easily create new emails from the 8x8 Contact Center app. When you start creating an email, the app changes your status to Busy to prevent you from receiving new interactions until you wrap-up or change your status to Available.

Create a follow-up email

Let’s say you sent an invoice to a customer and the invoice is now overdue. You can create a follow-up email to remind the customer of the outstanding invoice, and link the email to the case generated when you first sent the invoice. This ensures that all follow-up emails are documented within the same case.