Microsoft Dynamics Overview

8x8 Contact Center offers multichannel integration with the CRM of your choice, allowing you to set up quickly and combine the benefits of your CRM with the capabilities of 8x8 Contact Center. The integration supports communication with customers via phone and voicemail channels, allowing you to access data from your CRM through an integrated 8x8 Agent Console. 8x8 Contact Center provides key information about each customer interaction, giving you insight into the full customer experience, and allowing you to access detailed records of communications with each customer.

During an inbound interaction, 8x8 Contact Center tracks if the caller is an existing user by searching CRM records and presenting the matching record for preview by agents. Agents can be better informed and prepared to answer customer interactions by previewing relevant customer record details.

8x8 Contact Center’s custom screen pop integration with your CRM offers the following benefits:


The integration with 8x8 Contact Center offers the following features: