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Enable VoIP Calls to Pass through Your Network’s Firewall

If you plan to use VoIP for your agent telephones, you may need to configure your network firewall to permit outbound VoIP traffic.

The following table is a list of the network devices you must configure to support your implementation of Virtual Contact Center.

VoIP Protocol Associated Port Usage
Virtual Contact Center VoIP Server Port 5060.
Real-Time Transfer Protocol (RTP) UDP ports 35000-65000.

Note: Blocking any of the UDP ports in the above range interferes with audio delivery.

SIP Application Layer Gateway (ALG) If you are using 8x8 Virtual Contact Center SIP registrar, you must disable your router's ALG services. Disabling your router's ALG services enables Virtual Contact Center to manage all SIP processes.
The following lists some common network devices and the ALG services that must be disabled to ensure interoperation with Virtual Contact Center:
  • Cisco routers: sip-fixup
  • Cisco PIX, versions 6 and below: sip-fixup
  • Cisco PIX, versions 7 and above: sip-inspection
  • Cisco ASA: sip-inspection
  • Netscreen, Juniper: SIP ALG
  • Sonicwall: SIP Transformations
For more information about SIP ALG settings, contact your network equipment supplier.

If you need help configuring your firewall, contact Virtual Contact Center Support.


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