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Enable Virtual Contact Center to Retrieve Email

Virtual Contact Center supports the POP3/POP3 SSL and IMAP/IMAP SSL email protocols.

The only inbound network access required by the Virtual Contact Center are the ports used to retrieve email from your organization’s email server. If your network uses only a third-party email host such as AOL, Yahoo, or Gmail, you do not need to open firewall ports to support email access.

When retrieving email from your existing email server, Virtual Contact Center submits the username and password for a mailbox.

The following table is a list of the default access requirements for the ports the Virtual Contact Center uses to retrieve POP3 and IMAP email messages.

Email Protocol Default Email Port Access Requirements
  • For POP3 email support, enable port 110.
  • For POP3 SSL, enable port 995.
  • For IMAP email support, enable port 143.
  • For IMAP SSL, enable port 993.

If your network uses non-default email ports, in the Configuration Manager, use the Properties tab of the Email Channels page to specify the non-default port numbers.

Alternatively, you can set your firewall to allow all traffic from the IP that Virtual Contact Center uses to contact clients.

The following are the Source IPs required to pull emails from customers' mail systems.

Site IPs
US West Coast (NA1-NA6, NA11-NA12) ,
US East Coast (NA7-NA10, NA17)
United Kingdom (EU2-EU3)
Asia Pacific (AP1)
Australia (AU1)
Canada (CA1)
Canada Ontario (BC1)

You can set up both ports and firewall settings for added security.


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