Manage agent browser security zones

You may need to configure Internet Explorer to allow you to work with all Agent Console features.

Internet Explorer places Web sites in one of four security zones:

  • Internet (most trusted, least strict security settings)
  • Local intranet
  • Trusted sites
  • Restricted sites (least trusted, strictest security settings)

When you assign a site's URL to an Internet Explorer security zone, you are specifying the security settings that Internet Explorer uses when you visit that site. Depending on your call center's security policies, if you are a Supervisor, in Internet Explorer you add the URL of your Supervisor Console to either the Internet or Trusted sites zone.

If 8x8 Contact Center updates the URL of your Agent Console or Supervisor Console, you then need to update your Internet Explorer settings in response to that change. More specifically, you must:

  1. Remove the old URL from its security zone.
  2. Add the new URL to the zone.
  3. Configure the new URL's security settings as described in the table for Internet Explorer configuration requirements for Agent and Agent Supervisor accounts, which lists the Internet Explorer tasks you must perform to configure your Agent Console or Supervisor Console to interoperate with your 8x8 Contact Center tenant.