Processing Chat Interactions

If you accept a new chat interaction, the Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. changes your status to Busy and starts the chat session.

Figure 1 shows the tools you will use when processing a chat interaction.

Figure 1: Agent Console, chat interaction processing

To process a chat interaction:

  1. To accept a new chat interaction, perform the procedure in .

    When you accept a new chat interaction, the Agent Console places the new interaction in the Control panel, Chat tab.

    If your contact center prompted the customer for account or case information, the Agent Console uses the information to locate an existing customer or case record in the (Undefined variable: 8x8VariablesSet.C.ContactualCCM).

  2. In the Your Message text entry area, type your chat message, then press ENTER or click Send to transmit your messages to the customer.

    The Chat Transcript displays both your and the customer's chat messages.

    Note: The chat screen notifies both the parties on chat when one is typing. For example, during a chat session between an agent and a customer, when an agent types, the customer's screen notifies the agent is typing and vice versa.

  3. If your contact center did not prompt the customer for account or case information, begin the chat session by requesting that information from the customer.
  4. To end the chat interaction, click End Chat.


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