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The 8x8 Contact Center Agent ConsoleClosedVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. interface is split into:

  • Control Panel: Provides controls to process interactions in your contact center and to manage agent status. For a quick look at the Control Panel functionality, refer to the Agent Console Quick Start Guide.
  • Display Panel: Provides access to CRM data, profile settings, agent directory (only available to Unified Login with Virtual Office users), and message recording settings.

The following table gives a summary of the AgentClosedAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Console user interface:

Functional Area Description
1. Control Panel
Use the Agent Console Control Panel to access the controls and status information, process an interaction, and work with Agent Console tools. Inside the Control Panel, use the Status tabs to maintain your agent status.
Agent Console dynamically adjusts the Control Panel tabs in response to the interaction type and task you are performing. For example, phone interactions are processed using the Phone tab.
  • Phone tab: allows agents to manage phone interactions. All call handling functions such as making calls, placing a caller on hold, conferencing and transferring calls are performed using the Phone tab.
  • Chat tab: allows agents to manage chat interactions from customers or from other agents.
  • Email tab: allows agents to accept and respond to emails.
  • Status tab: displays agents, and queue information such as the number of calls waiting, calls in progress, and the status of logged in agents in your group.
  • Notices tab: allows agents and supervisors to post and receive informational notices.
The Control Panel menu offers the following action items:
2. Display Panel The Display Panel provides access to CRM data, profile settings, and message recording settings. The Display Panel opens with three default tabs and opens additional tabs for each menu action.
  • Customers: lists your open case records by customer.
  • Cases: lists your open case records.
  • Tasks: lists the tasks assigned to you.
  • Directory: This option is only available to Unified Login with Virtual Office users and displays the company directory that lists all extension users including 8x8 Contact Center agents. You can search the directory by all available columns, such as Name, Email or PBX Service, Public number, Contact Type, Department, Location, Job Title, and Private number. Type a word or a number in the search box. The results appear as you type. The search applies to all columns and is not case-sensitive. See more details in Shared Directory.
  • Monitoring: allows supervisors to review and actively monitor agents, queues, groups, and campaigns.