What's New in the Virtual Contact Center 9.9 Release for Supervisors?

We have introduced the following new enhancements to improve the productivity of agents, supervisors, and administrators in this new release of 8x8 Virtual Contact CenterClosedA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location.. For details on the entire list of features, see our Virtual Contact Center Release Notes.

Introducing the Answer Machine Detection (AMD) Service

In 8x8 Virtual Contact Center when the dialer is used in its aggressive mode, it can call more numbers than available agents, to maximize agent efficiency. The dialer needs a service which detects the calls answered by a machine, instead of people, and filters them. We have now introduced the Answer Machine Detection (AMD) service to identify such calls and allocate the calls answered by people to the available agents. When the AMD service identifies a machine-answered call, it sends a one-way message to the call routing to end that call and resolve it automatically. AMD is a learning service and it needs some time to build an effective library of known audio samples before it reaches the maximum efficiency. Once this is done, the AMD service resolves a machine-answered call quicker than the manual effort of an agent. The transaction code appears on the Transaction Codes report.

Note: The AMD service is not applicable to the outbound calls placed by an agent, but the calls routed via campaigns.

Ability to Detect TCPA-Listed Phone Numbers via Carrier Call Blocking (CCB)

8x8 Virtual Contact Center is now able to detect TCPA-listed phone numbers via Carrier Call Blocking (CCB) service for US customers. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) designed to safeguard consumer privacy restricts telemarketing communications via calls, SMS texts, and fax. To comply with TCPA, we have introduced Carrier Call Blocking (CCB) service for campaign calls which allows the campaign manager in the Dialer to apply special routing to two carriers: Brightlink and RSquared. They will then run dialer calls through a service that checks whether or not the phone number is listed on a Do Not Call (DNC) or mobile block list. If listed, the call is terminated by the carrier and an appropriate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) code response is sent back to the interaction router. The call is then handled by our Auto-TCL and completed. If CCB is enabled for your campaign, the dialer checks whether the outbound call’s phone number is listed on TCPA list. The transaction code appears on the Transaction Codes report.

Ability to Automatically Assign Transaction Code (Auto-TCL)

8x8 Virtual Contact Center automatically assigns transaction codes to the campaign calls when the destination party is not available to answer the call, or the call cannot be completed, such as when there is a busy tone or dead line. This also includes identifying calls that are answered by a machine. Auto-TCL works with Answering Machine Detection (AMD) service to identify such calls and automatically disposition them. It then moves onto the next call with minimal agent disruption. This feature allows agents to be more efficient with their time. Auto-TCL feature must be provisioned for the tenant and enabled by the administrators. The transaction code appears on the Transaction Codes report.

Note: Auto-TCL supports campaign calls only.

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