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Configure Support Center Properties

Use Support Center > Properties to configure the primary characteristics of a Support Center.

To configure the Properties:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Support Center.
  2. In the list of Support Centers:
  3. Click the Properties tab.
  4. Enter or select properties.
    The following table summarizes the options under Support Center > Properties:
    Support Center Properties OptionDescription
    NameType the name of the Support Center.
    CommentType a description of the Support Center.
    This Support Center is enabledSelect to put this Support Center into service.
    Select subsystemsSelect the links presented on the Support Center's home page.
    • FAQ presents frequently-asked questions about Virtual Contact Center and their answers.
    • Collaborate enables your support representatives to connect to and control a customer's computer for the purpose of providing technical assistance.
    • Chat enables a customer to use instant messaging to interactively send and receive text inquiries and answers.
    • Email enables a customer to contact a specific part of your organization with a request for information or assistance.
      To enable the Email option, in the Email address to route the support center-originated Cases list, choose an Email channel, then click Save.
    • My Account enables customers to create support requests.
      You can enable or disable the support center authentication option. Authentication requires the customer to enter an account number and password to access the support request dialog.
    Email address to route Support Center originated CasesSelect the Virtual Contact Center email channel that receives email inquiries to this Support Center.
    To enable the Email Contact Center subsystem, type an email address then click Save. For details on email channels, refer to Set up Email Channels.
    Enable private labelingSelect to customize the Support Center with a non-default style sheet and image files.
    Refer to:
    Enable custom email formSelect to customize the Support Center with a non-default email service request form.
    Refer to:
    Enable chat surveySelect to enable a pre-chat survey.
    Pre-chat surveys ask customers to clarify their interests before initiating a chat.
    Place the pre-chat survey form in the URL specified by the URL for the Private Labeling text entry area, described later in this table.
    URL for Private LabelingType the URL for your customized Virtual Contact Center HTML, CSS, and icon files.
    Store the files in the root directory of the URL, not a sub-directory.
    For details on customizing a Support Center, refer to Add Private Labeling to a Support Center.
    Email address to send Support Center imagesYou can customize the HTML page and icons displayed by the Support Center.
    To begin customizing the Support Center, type the email address where the Virtual Contact Center sends an archive containing the customization files set, and click Send.
    For details on customizing a Support Center, refer to Add Private Labeling to a Support Center.
  5. Click Save.

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