Create status codes

8x8 Contact Center administrators create status codes for 8x8 Contact Center agents via 8x8 Configuration Manager. Status codes offer a mechanism to track agent activity during work hours. With codes, you can define reasons for changing status, such as lunch, attend a meeting, or taking a break. These codes can be invoked for status change actions, such as Take Break, Work Offline, Logoff, and Reject Phone.

Creating a new status code list involves:

  • Configuring properties of the codes list.
  • Defining individual codes.
  • Translating codes to secondary languages (optional).
  • Assigning the codes to agent groups (required) and specific agents (optional).

Edit and delete status codes

You can edit or delete existing code lists at any time.

To edit a status codes list:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Status Codes.
    A list of existing codes appears.
  2. Select the code list you want to edit, and click .
  3. Navigate through the tabs to make the desired changes.
  4. Save your changes.

To delete an existing status code list:

  1. Select a code list from the list, and click .

    You are prompted to confirm your action.
  2. Click Ok to delete the list.

    Note: You cannot recover a deleted list.

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