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Upload Audio Files

In a typical phone menu, callers direct themselves to the desired destination using phone choices from the menu. The phone menu is driven by pre-recorded audio messages. Audio files serve to automate a contact center's phone menu. Virtual Contact Center allows you to upload customized messages to serve your contact center's needs.

To upload audio files:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Home.
  2. Go to the Audio Files tab.
  3. Open the User folder under Audio Files.
  4. Under Voice File Description, upload, edit, or review audio messages.
  5. Enter a Name for the message you wish to upload.
    The following table summarizes file types listed in Audio Files.
    Audio Files OptionDescription
    User folderLists the customized audio files uploaded by your Virtual Contact Center administrator into this tenant. When you initially configure a tenant instance, the User folder does not contain any audio files.
    When you use the Audio Files tab to upload your company's customized audio files into Configuration Manager, the uploaded files are stored in the User folder.
    Pre-recorded folderLists the set of default placeholder audio files available for the tenant. By default, a new tenant includes a set of placeholder audio files. These files provide examples of Voice Channel greetings and messages used in a variety of contact center contexts.
    When you upload the customized audio files required by your contact center, you replace a pre-recorded audio file assignment so that it uses your customized audio file.
    The following table summarizes the options available under Voice file description.
    Voice File Description OptionDescription
    NameFor a customized audio file under User, in the Name text entry area type a descriptive name for the contents of the audio file.
    DescriptionFor a customized audio file under User, in the Description text entry area type a description for the audio file.
    Upload NewTo upload a customized audio file to your tenant, click Browse under Upload New, then select a 8 KHz, 16-bit, monaural WAV file. After you upload an audio file, you must verify that Virtual Contact Center can play the audio file before referencing the file in an IVR script.
    Configuration Manager does not upload the file until you click Save.
    For details on playing uploaded IVR files, refer to Verify Audio Files Deployment.
    SaveTo upload the audio file specified in Upload New, click Save.
    Configuration Manager only allows users to save when working with audio files listed in the User folder.
    DeleteTo delete a customized audio file, under User, select a customized audio file then click Delete.
    Configuration Manager only allows users to delete when working with audio files listed in the User folder.
    Type, File Name, Uploaded on, Size information listTo view details about a customized audio file, select a customized audio file in the User folder.
    Configuration Manager displays the file's details.

    Note: For best practices, insert a special prefix at the front of the user-created audio names so they can be distinguished from the system audio files.

  6. Enter a transcript or a brief description of the message in the Description box.
  7. Click Browse to select an audio file in WAV format.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Play Audio to play back the uploaded message.
  10. Click Delete to remove the message from the tenant.

    Note: To order professionally-recorded messages, click the link at the bottom of the Voice file description area. You are sent to a service provider in professional voice recordings.

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