Log in

You need a login URL and credentials to access Configuration Manager. 8x8 Provisioning provides you with the URL, username, and password to log in to your Configuration Manager account.

Before you begin

Before you log in to Configuration Manager:

  • For the latest browser requirements, refer to the 8x8 Contact Center Technical Requirements document.
  • Acquire the URL, username, and password for your 8x8 Contact Center tenant's Configuration Manager.

Log in roles

You can log in to Configuration Manager in various roles. For details, refer to Roles and Administrators.

  • Primary Administrator: an administrator with unrestricted administrative privileges to Configuration Manager.
  • Role-based or Secondary Administrator: an administrator who assumes a role with full or partial configuration rights to Configuration Manager.
  • Wallboard Access: a Secondary Administrator to access and run 8x8 Wallboards.

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