Enable autodial campaign calls after preview

Campaign calls can automatically dial numbers when an agent who has spent all the preview time has not taken any action. At the end of the preview time if no action is taken, calls are initiated automatically eliminating the need for manual action by the agent. The 8x8 Contact Center administrators can enable autodialing for each campaign when an agent’s preview countdown ends. The minimum preview duration is 15 seconds.

To set up autodial for campaign calls after preview:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Campaigns from the menu.
  3. Select to edit a campaign and scroll down to Preview Properties.
  4. For the Preview Timeout (sec), select use Agent Offer Timeout. The default is 15 seconds.

  5. For Timeout Action, select the Dial Call option.

    Timeout action allows the system:

    • Dial Call: To place a call to the previewed party automatically once the preview time elapses.
    • No Action: To allow the agent to start, reject, or skip the call.

      Note: By default, the No action option is selected.