Broadcast messages

Use the 8x8 Contact Center broadcast feature to send messages to one or more agent functional groups. This feature allows the administrator to mass-communicate a message to the agents using 8x8 Configuration Manager.

To broadcast a message:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, click Broadcast.
  2. For Group, select a group or All Groups from the list.
  3. For Alert Level, select low, medium, high, or pop-up.
  4. For Only send to logged-in agents, choose whether you want to send the message to the agents who are logged in or to all agents.
  5. For Message, type what you like to broadcast to agents.
  6. Click Broadcast to send the message.
    The following table describes the options under Broadcast:

    Broadcast Option Description
    Group Select agent functional groups you are sending the broadcast to. It can be a specific group or all groups.
    For details on creating 8x8 Contact Center Groups, refer to Create Agent Functional Groups.
    Alert Level Sets the importance or type of alert sent to agents: Low, Medium, or High alert, or Pop-up.
    Only send to logged-in agents If you select Yes, it only sends the broadcast to the agents who are logged in.
    If you select No, it sends the broadcast to all agents. The agents who are not logged in at the time of broadcast will see the message the next time they log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
    Message The broadcast message that is sent to all or all logged-in agents.
  7. Note: You cannot undo or delete a message once it is broadcast.

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