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Authorize IP Access via Email

8x8's Configuration Manager administrator is able to add or authorize an agent's IP address to Virtual Contact Center via email authorization. This feature enables agents using a new and unidentified IP address to connect to their tenant. The administrator controls the ability to send or block this email notification.

Note: The authorization is supported for Configuration Manager, Agent Console, and Wallboard access tokens.


How the process works

  1. The agent tries to access Virtual Contact Center from an unauthorized IP address, but access is denied.
  2. An email notification is sent to the administrator, containing information such as the agent's username, IP address, and the date of attempted access. The email also contains a URL.

    Note: Under Security > IP Address Restriction, the administrator must enable Send access control e-mail to receive the email.

  3. The administrator clicks the URL link in the email to authorize the IP address.
  4. The administrator receives a confirmation that the IP address is authorized successfully.

    Note: For security reasons, the URL expires after 24 hours. If the administrator uses the URL the second time or after the expiry, a message indicates the token has expired.

  5. The agent can now log in using the IP address.


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