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Personalize Your Console

You can personalize your Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. emails and chat by:

To personalize your email and chat:

  1. Log in to Agent Console.
  2. Go to Menu > Profile.
  3. Make changes in My Profile > Personalization.
  4. Click Save.

Agents can save their preferences on the server and access them from a different computer or browser. Their favorites and most recent settings will be saved on the server for the next time they log in.

The following user preferences are saved on the server:

Feature Details
Monitoring window state
  • Last selected tab (QueueA queue is an ordered collection of interactions waiting to be served by agents qualified to respond to these interactions. In addition to enabling the call center administrator to customize how incoming interactions are prioritized and routed, queues also ensure that interactions are never lost or discarded. Management, Campaign Management, etc.)
  • Last selected main filter on each tab (Real time, Last 30 Min, etc.)
  • The last selected agent if the active tab is AgentAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Management
  • The last selected queue if the active tab is Queue Management
  • The last timezone selected
Menu > Report > Historical Report The Do not display this message again check box
Chat > Pop-up chat Chat pop-up size, sort specifiers, and window position
Menu > Help > FAQ FAQ window size, list of favorites, list of Recents
Customer's tab > Report > Search Favorites and Recents in Search window
Phone > Options > Dial Pad The Long tone check box
List of recent Virtual Office contacts Maximum 20 contacts
Call tab Click to see the list of called numbers from the phone field. The called numbers appear on the list.
Queues Panel
  • Last selected tab (All, Favorites or Recents)
  • Favorites queues
  • Recent queues
  • Sort by queue name, longest waiting, etc. (All 3 tabs - All, Favorites and Recents)
Agents Panel
  • Last selected tab (All, Favorites or Recents)
  • Favorite agents
  • Recent agents
  • Sort by status, agent name, duration etc. (All 3 tabs - All, Favorites & Recents)
One tab or two tabs The last selected tab (Queues or Agents Status) is remembered.

Best Practice: If you do not like to keep your changes for the next time, reset your preferences to default before you log out.

To reset your personalized settings to system default:

  1. Log in to Agent Console.
  2. Go to My Profile tab.
  3. Click Reset Preferences to default.
  4. Click Yes to confirm.
    This option resets your visible columns, tabs, sounds, date format, notifications, and cases. It also clears favorite settings and Recents, and causes page to reload. See the Preferences table.

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