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Add Notes During an Interaction

You can add notes regarding an interaction during an inbound/outbound phone call, or during a chat conversation. It enables smooth transition of an interaction from one agent to another. For example, if you have left a voicemail to a customer, you can leave a note to the next agent about the voicemail who handles the next interaction with the same customer in the future. The notes panel can be accessed via the Options menu in the Control Panel.

In Salesforce CRM, the notes are saved in the call log of the activity history. The agent who handles the next interaction with the same customer can refer to the call log and view the notes.

Note: This feature is applicable to the Enhanced integration of Multichannel Connect for Salesforce.

To access notes panel during a phone or chat interaction:

  1. During an active call or chat interaction, click Options under the Phone tab.
  2. Click Transaction Codes.
    The Notes panel shows below the transaction codes.
  3. Enter the notes in the panel, and click Save.
    The saved notes appear in the Detailed Accepted Transaction Report.

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