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View Notification Messages

Agents can view the broadcast or notification messages sent by their supervisor or other agents in Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions.. The Notices tab blinks red if you are logged in to Agent Console but working in another tab. If you are in Notices tab, go to View Notices to see the new or old messages.

To view a notification message:

  1. In Agent Console, select the Notices tab.
  2. Click View Notices.
    You can view the unread notices in this page. The notices are coded with colors based on their priority. Green shows low priority, yellow shows medium, and red shows high priority messages.

The Old Notices section retains your previously-viewed notices until you log out of Agent Console. If the sender has selected the pop-up option for the message priority, a notification window appears. The pop-up notice disables all recipients tools until you select the message box and click Close.

Broadcast Message During a Platform Switch

During a platform switch, agents receive a broadcasting message informing them of the platform switch. In addition to the notification message, a red alert bar also shows up at the top of the Control Panel alerting agents and reminding them to exhaust the interactions waiting in the queue. Agents are required to log out and log back in during the platform switch as they may experience some instability.

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