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Send Notification Messages

As an agent you may need to send a notification message or notice to your agent group. It is a fast and convenient way to provide a warning or send a general message to other agents in the same tenant.

To send a notice:

  1. In Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions., go to the Notices tab.
  2. Click the Post Notices tab.
  3. In the GroupA group is a collection of agents created for management or reporting purposes. Groups can be functional (for example, Technical Support) or organizational (for example Supervisor Mary’s Team). Each agent can be assigned to only one group, and cannot view or access information about other groups or group members. list, select your agent group, or select All if you are a supervisor and want to send the notice to all your agent groups.
    You must select at least one agent group before you can send the notice.
  4. In the Priority area, select the priority level of the message, or select Pop-up.

    Note: If you select Pop-up, Agent Console displays the notice as a pop-up message that disables all recipients' tools until the agent selects the message box and clicks Close.

  5. Click Post Notices to send the notice.

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