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Respond to Emails

When you accept emails, they are saved as cases in the Open status, and are assigned to you. If you respond to these emails, you create new follow-ups.

To respond to an email:

  1. Go to Cases tab and open the desired case.
  2. Click Reply.

    A new tab opens to create a new follow-up for the case. The customer's email ID and the email content are automatically populated. The email response automatically includes the email header, that is information about sender, recipient, subject, date and time. The email subject contains the case number.
  3. Select Signature.
  4. Compose your response to the email in Description box.
  5. In the Attachment section:
  6. Select the desired attachments.

    Note: You can add email attachments that are already linked to the case or the follow-ups while replying to or forwarding the email. There is no limit on the number of attachments, as long as they do not exceed a total of 20 MB.

  7. To save a draft of the interaction for completion at a later time, click Save as Draft. The follow-up record is added to the case as a draft.
    Click Send to send the completed reply.
  8. To view your drafts, click the Cases tab.
  9. In the Filters drop-down, select My Drafts from the list, and click Go.
    From the list of drafts, select the draft you want to view. For information about working with cases, see Create and Edit Case Records.

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