Use the Collaborate Feature

If your Agent ConsoleClosedVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. account includes the CollaborateClosedSee Desktop Sharing. desktop sharing tool, you can use this feature to connect to a customer's computer and directly control that computer to provide hands-on assistance. When you use Collaborate to connect to a customer's computer, the customer sees every action you perform in real time. The customer can disconnect their computer from the Collaborate session at any time.

Contact your contact center supervisor to verify that your computer and network configuration permits the use of the Collaborate feature.

To use the Collaborate feature, you need to perform the following high-level tasks:

  1. From the Menu drop-down of the Control Panel, open the Collaborate page to generate a unique Collaborate session identifier.
  2. Send the Collaborate session identifier and the URL of the Collaborate web page to the customer, then help the customer connect to the Collaborate session.
  3. Use the Collaborate feature to connect to the customer's computer.
  4. Once connected, use the Collaborate feature to provide hands-on assistance.

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