What's New in the Virtual Contact Center 9.9 Release for Agents?

We have introduced the following new enhancements to improve the productivity of agents in this new release of 8x8 Virtual Contact CenterClosedA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location..

Introducing 8x8 Secure Pay

8x8 Virtual Contact Center now offers customers a secure integration to support the processing of bank card information via our partner PCI Pal. 8x8 Secure Pay enables an agent and customer to stay in contact on a call while masking the card input from the customer's handset so that the sensitive card data stays secure and out of the scope of contact center. The service can be integrated with a CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or a billing system and the corresponding payment gateway to process the payment. The service can also feed information about the payment back to the originating system.

This new integration offers agents a secure payment page for processing customer transactions. The secure payment page can be configured to include pre-populated data or data that the agent adds manually. When this page is opened, the customer audio is rerouted via PCI Pal, which allows them to mask the keypad input both visually and audibly.

The agent hears the conversation and controls the card input, but only hears a single-tone DTMF and sees starred out digits for the card number, date, and Card Verification Value (CVV). In the event of erroneous data input by customers, agents can reset the relevant data field in the payment page, allow customers to fix the input, and facilitate a successful transaction. For details on when an agent can use this feature, see how to manage card payment via 8x8 SecurePay.

Introducing the Answer Machine Detection (AMD) Service

In 8x8 Virtual Contact Center when the dialer is used in its aggressive mode, it can call more numbers than available agents, to maximize agent efficiency. We have now introduced a service that detects calls answered by a machine, instead of people and filter them from being offered to the available agents. This saves agents time and improves their efficiency while processing campaign calls. The calls answered by machine are automatically resolved before being routed to available agents. For details, see our content on how to improve campaign call handling via answer machine detection service.

Note: The AMD service is not applicable to the outbound calls placed by an agent, but the calls routed via campaigns.

Ability to Detect TCPA-Listed Phone Numbers via Carrier Call Blocking (CCB)

8x8 Virtual Contact Center is now able to detect TCPA-listed phone numbers via Carrier Call Blocking (CCB) service. This feature is available for US customers only. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) designed to safeguard consumer privacy restricts telemarketing communications via calls, SMS texts, and fax. To comply with TCPA, we have introduced Carrier Call Blocking (CCB) service for campaign calls which will then checks whether or not the phone number is listed on a Do Not Call (DNC) or mobile block list. If listed, the call is terminated by the carrier and an appropriate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) code response is sent back to the interaction router. The call is then handled by Auto TCL and assigned an appropriate transaction code such as "Answer machine detected" for a prompt call wrap up. For details, see our content on how your campaign call handling is improved by TCPA-list ed and CCB service.

Improved Call Handling via Phone Connection Mode and Auto Answer

8x8 Virtual Contact Center has improved the existing call handling capability via two features: Phone Connection Mode and Auto Answer:

Introduced Workplace Setting Validation

When changing workplace setting (Workplace Phone and Workplace SIP URI), agents must validate their changes to be able to handle the calls. When they click to validate the change, it triggers a phone call to the updated phone number. A PIN code is then communicated to the agent. The agent must enter the PIN code to validate the changes and continue. If they are unable to confirm the PIN, they must exit and revert to their last validated setting. The workplace setting validation is offered as a mandatory security feature with Auto Answer, or it can be deployed as a stand-alone feature. For details, see our content on Workplace setting validation.

Ability to Automatically Assign Transaction Code (Auto-TCL)

8x8 Virtual Contact Center automatically assigns transaction codes to the campaign calls when the destination party is not available to answer the call, or the call cannot be completed, for reasons such as busy tone or dead line. Automatic transaction codes are also applied to campaign calls answered by a machine. Auto-TCL works with Answering Machine Detection (AMD) service to identify such calls and automatically disposition them. It then moves onto the next call with minimal agent disruption. This feature allows agents to be more efficient with their time. Auto-TCL feature must be provisioned for the tenant and enabled by the administrators. For details, see our content about automatic assignment of transaction codes to campaigns.

Note: Auto-TCL supports campaign calls only.

Allow Agents to Skip Campaign Calls While on Auto Answer

8x8 Virtual Contact Center is now offering agents the option to skip the campaign calls. For details, see our content on how to skip a campaign call.

Relocated Interaction Transfer Button

Transfer interaction button is now available in the context menu when selecting an element in the Agents or Queues lists. The option is available for blind call transfer to an agent or queue, chat transfer to a queue, or email transfer to a queue. Prior to this release, the transfer button was located separately at the bottom of the Control Panel. For details, see our content on transferring phone interactions to another agent, transferring chat interactions to different queues, and transferring email interactions to different queues.

Enhanced Chat Editor and FAQs

We have enhanced our Chat editor and FAQ functionalities in 8x8 Virtual Contact Center chat channel. The chat editor in Agent ConsoleClosedVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. allows you to insert rich media FAQs directly into the messages and share with customers during an interaction. Alternatively, you can insert them as a link to HTML content. The chat editor supports regular text formatting, images, and links.

To insert an FAQ response during a live chat, go to Help > FAQ from the Control Panel menu, search for relevant information, insert the rich media FAQ, and click Send in the live chat. For details, see our content on how to insert rich media FAQ content.

Note: Tables and more complex HTML elements or contents are not supported by the editor and will always be inserted into the chat as a link to the HTML content.

Enhanced Expert Connect

With 8x8 Expert Connect, organizations with both 8x8 Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center products can break down the barriers between agents and experts to increase first contact resolution. In this release, we are introducing the ability for experts to initiate chats with agents via the Virtual Office messaging. Prior to this release, only agents could initiate chats with experts. We have enhanced the capability of expert connect. Experts of the same organization as agents, can now initiate chat conversations with agents, using Virtual Office desktop app or Virtual Office mobile app. Experts can check the agent's presence (online or offline status) via the Virtual Office app. For details, see our content on how to connect agents to experts with 8x8 Expert Connect.

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