Connect Agents to Experts with 8x8 Expert Connect

With VO-VCC Integration, you can connect your contact center agents with the experts across the company with shared presence, chat, click-to-call dialing and easy transfers.

What do you do when your customer has a complex problem that your agents aren’t equipped to resolve? Bring on the experts, even if they work in other departments of your company. 8x8 Expert Connect brings agents and experts together for fast and first contact resolution. Experts of the same organization as agents, can now initiate chat conversations with agents, using Virtual Office desktop app or Virtual Office mobile app. Experts can check the agent's presence (online or offline status) via the Virtual Office app.

- Expert Connect is used to connect employees from different departments of the same organization.
- Agents and supervisors are advised to log in to both Virtual Contact CenterClosedA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location. and Virtual Office to ensure their message continuity.


How Expert Connect Works

Communications between agents and experts is easy with 8x8 Expert Connect. The tight integration between Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center allows shared presence between agents and experts and the ability to chat, call or conference in that expert.