What's new in the 8x8 Contact Center 9.13 release for agents?

We have introduced the following new enhancements to improve the productivity of agents in this new release of 8x8 Contact Center. For details on the entire list of features, see our 8x8 Contact Center Release Notes.

Enhancing outgoing email settings for channels and agents via SMTP

As an 8x8 Contact Center agent, when you email customers via email channel, you want to ensure that customers receive the emails without being blocked by your outbound email servers, or the spam filters of the customer’s email servers.

To ensure the delivery of emails sent by agents, 8x8 Contact Center now supports an enhanced configuration for outbound mailing systems, only available for custom SMTP servers. This enhancement allows specific configuration for each and every channel or agent, so that emails actually get signed and sent using the individual accounts. When sending out emails, the “From” section in the email header must match the actual address used for sending out that email, which implies using correct accounts and credentials, and the actual sender. When an agent sends an email via a channel, it uses the channel address. When an agent sends an email via their own address, it uses the agent's individual email address.

Prior to this release, emails were sent from a unique address and user account configured on the SMTP server. The email address on the email header did not match the email address used to send the email, causing emails to be blocked by spam filters.

For details, see our content for agents on how to configure workplace email.

Release 9.12

We have introduced the following new enhancements to improve the productivity of agents in this new release of 8x8 Contact Center.

About 8x8 Auto Dialer

8x8 Contact Center now introduces 8x8 Auto Dialer in progressive and predictive dialing modes to better manage outbound telephone-based campaigns to meet your business needs. Connect with prospects and customers more effectively, and boost conversion rates as well as customer satisfaction. The progressive and predictive dialing modes call numbers automatically from campaign calling lists, screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers, and disconnected numbers, connecting agents to only live-answered calls.

Learn more about how to process campaign calls.

Enhanced performance of broadcasting

In 8x8 Contact Center, we have enhanced the performance of broadcasting messages. Supervisors who broadcast messages to agents periodically, specifically the ones supervising many agent groups, can now benefit from the improved performance when logging into the Agent ConsoleClosed8x8 Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. or sending broadcast messages. Besides the performance, broadcast notices older than seven days are discarded and not shown to agents or supervisors. The system only broadcasts newer and relevant notifications. For details about notification messages, see how to view notification messages.

Use Cases

Let’s say supervisors create and assign various queues to each of their campaigns. Each queue receives a few messages a day. High number of messages can result in slower performance of the system. The system removes the old messages automatically and that helps improve the performance.

Or, let’s say the agent comes back from vacation and has received many broadcast messages that are from a couple of weeks ago. The agent does not need to go through the old messages one by one. By automatically removing the outdated messages from the system, the need for any manual effort by agents or supervisors is eliminated and the performance improves significantly.

To view a broadcasted message, in the 8x8 AgentClosedAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Console, select the Notices tab, then click to view notices. You can view the unread notices on this page. The Old Notices section retains your previously-viewed notices until you log out of 8x8 Agent Console.

Improved status update of queues and agents

In 8x8 Contact Center, we have improved the status update of queues and agents to support the heavy workloads of 8x8 Contact Center dialer. With frequent handling of outbound calls, the status of queues and presence of agents change frequently. The changes to the agents’ presence are aggregated and consistently updated to 8x8 Agent Console.

With improved performance, the list of agents and queues are reliably refreshed every five seconds. The agents’ presence status is updated even during a system interruption. For example, when there is a power outage, the backup mechanism keeps the agents’ status updated and therefore, the list of agents and their statuses can still be retrieved. This improvement maintains a reliable status update at all times helping agents make an educated decision as to whether to transfer the interaction to an agent or not. To view the status of queues and agents, log in to 8x8 Agent Console and click to see All in the QueueClosedA queue is an ordered collection of interactions waiting to be served by agents qualified to respond to these interactions. In addition to enabling the call center administrator to customize how incoming interactions are prioritized and routed, queues also ensure that interactions are never lost or discarded. Directory and Agent Directory in the Status tab. For details, see how to check queue and agent status.

Better customer-agent chat management during service disruptions

In 8x8 Contact Center8x8 Agent Console, customer-to-agent chat interactions are now better handled during service disruptions.

In case a customer abandons their chat with the agent, the interaction remains in the customer list waiting for the agent's review. When the agent is reconnected to 8x8 Contact Center, both the active interactions and the ones which were abandoned by the customer are updated with the correct status. The interactions remain in the customer list until the agent acknowledges them and is ready to move on.

In the previous behavior the abandoned interactions ended before the agent had a chance to review. The new improvement keeps the agent in sync with 8x8 Contact Center and prevents ghost interactions that remain with the agent. When the agent clicks on the interaction in the list, a message notifies them that the session has ended. The message is also saved in the transcript for the supervisor’s review later. For details, see our content on how to manage customer-agent chats during service disruptions.

In the following use cases, the agent has multiple concurrent chat interactions. Whether there has been a connection issue or the customer has simply abandoned the chat interaction, the agent can see the last few customer interactions in the list. To avoid ghost interactions, click on each customer to see the status of their interaction. A message shows the chat session has ended. Safely end the chat and go through the post-processing.

Supported Expert Connect for multiple regions

8x8 Contact Center now supports Expert Connect for multiple regions. It allows agents to use the Directory tab to reach their colleagues and other 8x8 Work users within their entire multi-region organization. Prior to this release, Expert Connect was bound to a single customer’s region such as US or Canada. Cross-regional chat between agents and other 8x8 Work users or Expert Connect was not available. To connect to other agents or 8x8 Work users across multiple regions, click the chat or phone button on the Directory tab. For details, see our document regarding Expert Connect and how you can send and receive messages with 8x8 Expert Connect.


  • The new improvement only applies to X Series customers who have access to both 8x8 Contact Center and 8x8 Work. Agents must have access to the Directory tab or Expert Connect in 8x8 Agent Console in order to connect with other regions.
  • Multi-region chat with Expert Connect requires a one-time migration effort for bringing all the users under the same organization. Contact your 8x8 Account Manager or Professional Services to learn more.
  • The customer-to-agent and agent-to-agent chat from the Agent Status list only applies to a single tenant or region.

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