Select outbound phone codes

In 8x8 Contact Center, Outbound Phone CodesClosedOutbound Phone codes offer a means to set a specific calling line identifier (Caller ID) and optional outbound queue for outbound calls from your tenant. Outbound Phone Codes also may be used to track the purpose of an outbound call. are used for tracking the purpose of a call, or for setting a custom Calling Line ID before dialing out. For example, if your Contact Center provides services to multiple companies on the same tenant but on different channels, you must ensure the correct Caller ID is applied to each company so that the customers have the best callback experience. Your contact center administrator may define outbound phone codes to assign Caller ID to outbound calls from your tenant. If you are assigned to an outbound phone code list, you are presented with the list when you dial out. You have to select a code to apply the right calling line ID.

Note: Assigning calling line ID is not supported by all telecommunication carriers.

Using the Outbound Codes functionality, an agent assigns a calling line ID to an outbound phone call from the predefined list before initiating the call.

8x8 Contact Center allows you to assign tenant channel numbers, special request numbers, or anonymous calling line ID to outbound calls by selecting an appropriate code.

To select Outbound Phone Codes:

  1. In the Phone tab, enter a telephone number, and click Dial.
    The outbound phone codes are presented.

  2. Select a code from the list, and click Dial.
    The calling line ID associated with the code applies to the call and the call dials out.

Use keyboard shortcuts

In a contact center environment, the time taken by agents to process calls is critically important. During a call, agents may be required to browse multiple code lists and select the desired code(s) for each call. This process is time-consuming. The keyboard shortcuts for codes minimize the time spent selecting the codes by reducing the number of clicks in the call flow. This feature is useful when the agent knows the code selection and does not have to go through the lists to make choices.

The keyboard shortcut for Outbound Phone Codes is F2 d nn (sequentially, where d is outbound phone code, and nn is code number). Within each code list, each code is numbered from 01 onwards. To select a second code in the list, press F2 d 02.

Note: The keyboard shortcut works with one set of Outbound Phone Codes only. It does not support more than one set of codes.

To select an Outbound Phone Code using a keyboard shortcut:

  1. In the Phone tab, enter a telephone number, and click Dial.
  2. Type F2 d to bring up the Outbound Phone Code list, and then type the desired code number or select the desired code.
    Type F2 d nn to select the desired outbound phone code from the code list, where nn is the code number.
    The desired code is selected and the call dials out.

Note: While selecting a code using the shortcut, always choose lowercase d or t. Enter the number as 01, not 1.

The following table gives examples of acceptable and unacceptable keyboard shortcut keys:

Outbound Phone Codes Keyboard Shortcut Acceptable Format
F2 d 01 Yes
F2 D 01 No
F2 d 1 No

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