Dial digit tones

During a phone call in 8x8 Contact Center, agents may encounter problems communicating digit tones to an IVR system using the telephone key pad. For example, during an outbound call, an agent inputs an account number in response to an IVR system prompt; the account number may be conveyed incorrectly due to digit audio leakage during transmission among diverse networks. Keyboard dialing provides an alternative mechanism to counteract this issue. It offers an alternate long tone method through a 8x8 Contact Center Dial Pad interface to convey digit tones from 8x8 Agent ConsoleClosed8x8 Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. to a touch tone IVR system across diverse networks, limiting the possibility of digit audio leakage.

Keyboard dialing allows an agent to generate two types of digit (DTMF) tones: Short Tone, and Long Tone. When the default short tone fails, an agent may select long tone using the Dial Pad interface to communicate the information correctly to the destination IVR system.


Keyboard Dialing features the following behavior:

  • Available during any active phone call session.
  • Supports two types of digit tones: short tone, and long tone.
  • Preserves the digit tone setting per agent, per browser, and per workstation. If an agent logs out and logs back in to the same workstation, previous digit tone settings are maintained until the next manual change.
  • Shares between two busy lines in a two-line call. The dial pad stays open when agent switches between two busy phone lines.
  • Generates digit tones for the active line only, in the event of an agent handling two busy lines.
  • Allows navigating voicemail IVR to access voicemail.


Keyboard dialing has the following limitations:

  • Not readily available when call is muted.
  • Not supported for 8x8 Contact Center CTI Connect for Salesforce.
  • Not supported for recording personal greetings during verification calls.

Access dial pad

In 8x8 Contact Center, during an active call session, you can use the keyboard or the Dial Pad for digit tone dialing. The Dial Pad enables you to change digit tone duration. When an agent accepts a phone call, the Options menu gets activated in the Control Panel. The Options drop-down menu includes the Dial Pad feature.

To dial digit tones using keyboard:

  1. Place the cursor focus in the phone text box.
  2. Enter the numbers on the keyboard. You may hear the short tone transmission.
  3. To change the digit tone duration, click Options, and select Dial Pad from the drop-down menu.
    press CTRL+ X to bring up the Dial Pad.
  4. Select the long tone check box (clear the check box to switch back to short tone).
  5. Input the digits or characters using the keyboard or the Dial Pad.

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