Create a new password (except for users of Unified Login and 8x8 Work)

Note: This option is NOT available to 8x8 Contact Center users with Unified Login and 8x8 Work.

After you receive your 8x8 Contact Center account login credentials set by an administrator, log in to 8x8 Agent ConsoleClosed8x8 Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. using the credentials. You can create a new password by going to your 8x8 AgentClosedAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Console Profile > Security.

If you are using 8x8 Contact Center with Unified Login and 8x8 Work, this option does not apply to you. As soon as your user account is created by the administrator, a welcome email is sent automatically to the email address in the user profile notifying you of the password setup link.

To create a new password (NOT for users of Unified Login and 8x8 Work):

  1. Log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
  2. Go to Profile from the Control Panel menu.
  3. In the Security area, enter the old password.
  4. Enter the new password.

    Note: Hover over to know the password length.

  5. Retype the new password and click Save.

    Note: If your password fails to meet the password criteria set by the administrator, a message prompts you to retype the password.

Your new password is activated from the next login session.

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